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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


alkanes are said to be saturated hydrocarbons.

The Alkane Names, And Its General Formula.

*difference between each successive member of alkane is CH2.

Boiling Points

there is a gradual increase in boiling point as the molecule becomes larger.
the first 4 series are gases, with their boiling points below room temperature.
for an alkane to be a waxy solid, it needs to have a melting point above room temperature.


complete combustion-
alkane + oxygen -> carbon dioxide + water

incomplete combustion-
propane + oxygen -> carbon monoxide + water

-substituion with Cl

alkane + chlorine -> chloroalkane + hydrogen chloride

in short,

-the general formula for alkanes is Cn H2n+2

-alkanes are saturated compounds as they contain only single carbon-carbon covalent bonds.

-the boiling points gradually increase down the series.

-combustion products are CO2 and water.

-alkanes undergo substitution reactions as they are saturated molecules.



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