Celebrate With Chemistry

Chemistry is the study of matter and the changes that take place with that matter.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hairline Thin

My posts here seem to be getting more frequent. As an apprentice now at the hotel, I realize the wonders of chemistry in my work i.e. Chemical reactions between water and baking soda, liquid and baking powder... Hahah.

It's hard, and things are getting tough. How's everyone else out there? It's been an isolated period. School, expectations, issues, night shifts, speeding down the frequently sparse highway, wind in my face, drying my eyes so the tears don't spill out. Yeah, it's getting pretty emotional. I am so tired.

I am so tired.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

The Curtains Are Drawn

This is a pleasant place which suits the purpose of an outlet, a secret output.

I'm losing the relationships and physical strength I used to have. I know the contrast between relationships and physical strength is unfitting to be compared but these are 2 diverse things that I am afflicted with tonight.

I'm at a frustrated loss for words, and I'm fucking avoiding everything ramming at my window. I am so irresponsible, always had that streak of horrible in me. Ever since chemistry days uh.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Chef School

Teacher's day again! How're you doing MMB? It was cool gathering again with you and shit! Hope you had a good day! We wished Chef teachers day today, and he told us to wait for Chefs day. But we commemorated the occassion anyway, haha.

I've graduated from Polytechnic and now am pursuing passion that's finally been recognised. I'm 20. It's been 5 years! Now an aspiring pastry chef.

School is tough, and the pressure is awful. But I've commited to being a good student this time. I guess attaining the single scholarship amongst the many-many who applied's convinced myself that I'm worth something after all. But now, the world's watching my progress. I can't circum to negativity the next 2 years. I'll be all right.

We're only one week into school, and wow. I'm cracking at the load. ):

Yes Chef, No Chef, Sorry Chef!

Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm now pretty sure no one sees this anymore, but if you're a bored 4C classmate and came by for unknown reasons, I hope you are doing well. =)

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Blessed Teachers' Day MMB! =)

I guess this site does express how much you and I went through. =P
I'm not sure who comes here anymore, or if anyone even remembers this site. But I do. And I return once in awhile to recall how fucked up we were as academic rejects, and how most of us aced through, and how people like me still scraped through but am still doing fine. In fact, I've started to pursue my dreams. I own a business, I've started investing, I'm supporting myself 95% financially, am the president of a sports club, and the vice president of another, atained position in the national wushu championships, taught children, gained confidence and am respected as a kindergarten teacher by my colleagues... Wow, I've grown up. Haha. It's been freaking 3 years. How's everyone?

I still miss MMB often, we will meet up soon. You are a very special person, I thank you for everything MMB. =)

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Quit Bleeding

It's been 2 years. Time waits for no girl.

MMB, how are you? I hope cedar's doing fine, we should meet soon! =)

How about 4C 06'? Everyone's moved on, gotten jobs, gone overseas, muggers and act-muggers alike. Haha. As are over for you if you went to college. I hope you did well. Nothing came by easy; nothing comes by easy. Guess we're all where we are today because we didn't quite give up. It doesn't matter if we had to stay another year in college or spend 3 years in polytechnic or even transfer schools cause of a wrong choice.

Don't widen your eyes, I'm not all that optimistic. Still the ass fuck you knew 2 years back. Just busier and grown up from school and politics. I dislike the life that's got into me. But I suppose it's the same life that's got into everyone. Difficulty, self and people. People; all kinds of people.

Keep going guys. Though I know no one'd read this. I pray my intentions and wish our class of shits, all the best. =)

Blessed birthday, Renny!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

And I'm Afraid...

hello friends! and again, i highly doubt anyone reads this anymore. but i feel compelled to update this dying space.

how's MMB? and everyone! today was the chinese new year celebrations. no one innitiated a visit, i guess we feel the animosity. mujia and i were discussing that. about the difference, and the unfamiliarity we miss and yearn to exprience again. we're afraid that if we oblige to return, our impressions'd get crushed. putting the years/months of shit aside, i really like the last thoughts cedar issued, that i saved, and i'm anxious about it getting destroyed. paranoia, i hate to be disappointed. probably the reason why im stoning the PC this morning. =/

i miss MMB, cedar, 4c.

happy chinese new year, kids.