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Chemistry is the study of matter and the changes that take place with that matter.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Quit Bleeding

It's been 2 years. Time waits for no girl.

MMB, how are you? I hope cedar's doing fine, we should meet soon! =)

How about 4C 06'? Everyone's moved on, gotten jobs, gone overseas, muggers and act-muggers alike. Haha. As are over for you if you went to college. I hope you did well. Nothing came by easy; nothing comes by easy. Guess we're all where we are today because we didn't quite give up. It doesn't matter if we had to stay another year in college or spend 3 years in polytechnic or even transfer schools cause of a wrong choice.

Don't widen your eyes, I'm not all that optimistic. Still the ass fuck you knew 2 years back. Just busier and grown up from school and politics. I dislike the life that's got into me. But I suppose it's the same life that's got into everyone. Difficulty, self and people. People; all kinds of people.

Keep going guys. Though I know no one'd read this. I pray my intentions and wish our class of shits, all the best. =)

Blessed birthday, Renny!


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