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Chemistry is the study of matter and the changes that take place with that matter.

Monday, December 24, 2007

I believe. even though most of us may've moved on, we still have mind for each other. i guess i do.

it's been more than a year since the great Os.
i sucked at chemistry and maintained F9s for two years.
but hey. an A2 for Os. thank you MMB. =)

i wonder how everyone's doing. its been a long time since the class met.
i do hope school isn't too terrible, and life isn't much shit.
but then again, the stink's inevietable. i guess my wish this christmas, would be for all of us to peservere like we did in 4C when we were the ultimate slackers with the minimal passes and extreme failures. you know, i miss us.

school's a fuck now, people are different.
and i cross my fingers to wish i wouldn't be right to say that change's the constant that will manipulate our once together spirit. the way we liked us, and each other despite the innitial petty conflicts which in turn made us into the class we loved so much. that i loved, so much. have we changed much since?

i doubt anyone would read this, but if you do. i want to let you know that the cedar, 4C06' taught me about shit, but made things joyful even when we were all struggling. it was everything big and tiny event, that created issues that i remember and probably will never forget.

thank you 4C, mrs chew, mmb.
for the time, the love and the caring.

love beat,
and the guitar in the once invisible corner that made no sense before revelation arrived for silence to depart.

till then, take care my friends.


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