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Chemistry is the study of matter and the changes that take place with that matter.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Banana Slugs

so MT results are out and LKC says that our batch's not as good this and that and we're the end of cedar this and that.
how encouraging. =(

but i guess everything bad can be pleasant in someway.
maybe LKC cares and she wants us to do well, so she said mean things thinking that it'll drive us to work harder.
it doesnt matter what her true intentions are, its up to us to view situations like this positively.
i know you want your As badly. =P

dont be discouraged if you didnt perform up to expectations!
like uncle bala said, its not the end of the road yet, there's a next chance at the end of the year and i guess we could work harder to make full use of this lovely one-more-chance. =)

chill if you're feeling down, turn that frown around!
things happen that we cannot reverse, the recent results are now a constant.
the next MT exam's a variable and we'll do fine. =D

BANANA! these are for you.
though they're not really chemistry related or chemistry inspiring in any way,
these things are rather cute.

they're called banana slugs.
slimy little garys without shells; i think they really look like goreng pisang. =/




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