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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Blessed Teachers' Day MMB! =)

I guess this site does express how much you and I went through. =P
I'm not sure who comes here anymore, or if anyone even remembers this site. But I do. And I return once in awhile to recall how fucked up we were as academic rejects, and how most of us aced through, and how people like me still scraped through but am still doing fine. In fact, I've started to pursue my dreams. I own a business, I've started investing, I'm supporting myself 95% financially, am the president of a sports club, and the vice president of another, atained position in the national wushu championships, taught children, gained confidence and am respected as a kindergarten teacher by my colleagues... Wow, I've grown up. Haha. It's been freaking 3 years. How's everyone?

I still miss MMB often, we will meet up soon. You are a very special person, I thank you for everything MMB. =)


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