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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Chef School

Teacher's day again! How're you doing MMB? It was cool gathering again with you and shit! Hope you had a good day! We wished Chef teachers day today, and he told us to wait for Chefs day. But we commemorated the occassion anyway, haha.

I've graduated from Polytechnic and now am pursuing passion that's finally been recognised. I'm 20. It's been 5 years! Now an aspiring pastry chef.

School is tough, and the pressure is awful. But I've commited to being a good student this time. I guess attaining the single scholarship amongst the many-many who applied's convinced myself that I'm worth something after all. But now, the world's watching my progress. I can't circum to negativity the next 2 years. I'll be all right.

We're only one week into school, and wow. I'm cracking at the load. ):

Yes Chef, No Chef, Sorry Chef!


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