Celebrate With Chemistry

Chemistry is the study of matter and the changes that take place with that matter.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Reactivity Series

there was chemistry lesson during the last period today.
i was tired and restless. so i squirmed for a stretch when miss begam got distracted by my very exagerated movements, much to her pleasure. =P

so a very pleased miss begam ordered me to recite the reactivity series, obviously overflowing with sadistic joy to see me racking my under used pea brain in agony.

but right, i did it LEH!
and miss begam said she was very proud of me!
hahahahahaha. cool or not! =P

even a not so clever, very silly, IQ 120 only baytrees knows the reactivity series.
you cannot don't know. =)

(diana! your IQ is 160! recite the reactivity series backwards with your chin touching your elbow!)

it's proven that gross and disgusting things are easier to remember.
especially if you have a visual mind.

so if you use my acronym, you can imagine
a Zebra making out with another zebra, and they are moaning.
then you look to the table beside the bed and see a pack of condoms which the zebras are not using because they Hate Condoms etc etc.

hahaaha. if not, you can remain innocent and clean; condemn me for contaminating your pure brain with dirty things. =P
remember miss begams'
Poisonous Sausages Can Make A Zulu Ill. Therefore Let Highly Clever Men Slaughter Good Pigs. =P

banana says i am inspiring cause she had fun at chemistry lesson today.
come on, read Chemistry Is Perspective! be inspired!
love chemistry! =P


Sunday, July 30, 2006

Test For Gases

today i studied chemistry at macdonalds!
(clara says macdonalds is evil. =/)
i drank lemon lime juice because lime is green. =)

test for gases!
i put oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen are together cause we've been doing it for years since primary school. =P
and ammonia, chlorine and sulphur dioxide are in one group cause we learnt them later on in secondary school.

28 more days to prelims.
diana moo hasn't done her homework. =P


Saturday, July 29, 2006

Test For Anions

chloride, sulphate and iodide, all form precipitates after acidifying with dilute nitric acid followed by the addition of some aqueous solution.
and the tests for carbonate and nitrate evolves a gas -
carbon dioxide and smelly ammonia. =P

i have a paper cut on my right hand midle finger! =(


Superscripts And Subscripts

Selamat pagi!
hahahaha. what a beautiful saturday morning! the sun is shining, the birds are singing and the grass are dancing!
a lovely day like this should be spent at the beach enjoying the breeze and warm morning sun.

but no, baytrees got up at seven in attempt to study.
even baytrees is studying! how can you all not study, hor. =P

Superscripts and Subscripts

Superscripts and Subscriptsare obtained using the special characters ^ and _ respectively.

but it's tedious to keep typing that, and it looks ugly. =P

ammonium -- [NH_4^+]
Sulphate -- [SO_4^2-]

so i differentiate the superscripts and subscripts this way:

ammonium -- [NH_4^+] becomes [NH4 +]
Sulphate -- [SO_4^2-] becomes [SO4 2-]

putting a space (' ') before the number or the +/- sign symbolises a superscript,
and having no space ('') before the number symbolises a subscript.

Fe 2+

test with aqueous sodium hydroxide:
dirty green ppt. insoluble in excess aq. NaOH.

Fe 3+ (aq) + 3OH - (aq) -> Fe(OH)3 (s)

30 more days! >=(


Friday, July 28, 2006

Test For Aqueous Cations - Aqueous Ammonia

I return with the tests for cations under the effects of aqueous ammonia appropriately grouped, into a few sections in hope to aid memorising. =)

LKC told me that there were 20 maps each from the map reading assignment today, but i've only collected twelve sets, two other sets with belle and diana moo - making the total 14 sets of maps.

if there are really 20 maps, then i am short of 6.
and that means i am going to die because maps are LKC's precious! =(


Test For Aqueous Cations - Sodium Hydroxide

here might be a way to clasify the cations under the effects of sodium hydroxide according to their differences and similarities to be easier remembered. =)

today, i used blue pen for half of the map reading test absent mindedly.
and i only realised i did when bhavani then sitting beside me exclaimed in panic,

oh my god beat you used blue pen!

now i have to re-copy everything. =(


Thursday, July 27, 2006

Chemistry Is Perspective

Good day mates!

a few of our demented ( =P ) classmates and i were thinking of alliterations for our names one study session during a break and we came up with "begam with baytrees",
so now i put it into a site to honor the wonders of chemistry.

chemistry is actually as fun as solving the rubiks cube if you learn how to appreciate the art of solving how many moles and what is the concentration of this and that.

many things in our daily lives involve chemistry.
for example, the freezing of ice.
if we didn't have chemistry, we wouldn't have nice thirst quenching cold isotonic drinks after mucky jogging. =P

chemistry is not only about hardcore studying for the O levels upcoming, then forgetting everything right after the last chemistry paper.
O levels, especially obtaining that A1 for combined science may be the most important purpose we exist for today.

but think more into it.
two years of mighty disguisting chemistry studies we genuinely detest only for the grade at the end of our secondary education; what a waste of time.

think of chemistry as discipline, as a major part of our training for the tougher situations we would face in future out there in merciless society.

chemistry is knowledge.
and we all know that in the biased eyes of the singaporean asian culture - in short knowledge based economy (KBE) says LKC, the knowledgable people get the better jobs, better pay, better offices and maybe,
better men. =P

just for the next few weeks, make chemistry your second best friend (with baytrees being the first of course). =P

chemistry isn't that bad.
i know ms begam would agree! hahaha.

our last weeks together as a class, 4c.
like we promised mr suresh something to remember; he's not a bad teacher -
allow ms begam her first smile of satisfaction in two years, she's always been so patient.

and allow the school to remember us as a class of shit attitude rebels with a cause.
we got our As, anyway. =P